Statement of Faith

We are an evangelical church in Wakefield.

We believe in God, the source of all life, wholeness and love.

We believe that God is revealed in and through Jesus Christ.

We believe that in the life of Jesus God reveals his grace, mercy, forgiveness and justice.

We believe that in the death of Jesus, God reveals his determination to be present in the world even in the face of hatred, violence and pain.  In the cross God does all that is necessary to bring his love to each person and to reconcile all things to himself.

We believe that in the resurrection of Jesus, God reveals his invitation to abundant life, beginning now and going on into eternity.

We believe that God lives among us, within us and through us by the power of his Holy Spirit.

We believe that God calls us to demonstrate and proclaim his love and gospel to all, through what we say and what we do.

We believe that the Bible is God breathed, and reveals God’s actions in the world and his invitation to all.

We believe that God has called us to be a community of faith, hope and love.